Can Dogs Eat Hot Peppers?

  Except for the whole “let’s not set our houses on fire when we eat hot peppers” thing, that is. If you love spicy food, then good news: so do your dogs! Most canines love the spicy burn of jalapenos, cayenne pepper, and other spicy delights. In fact, dogs tend to love all flavors that … Read more

Best Dog Food For Cockapoo

Cockapoo is a small, lively, and playful dog that thrives on lots of exercises. Best dog food for cockappoo are very intelligent and playful, full of energy and independence. Because they tend to nibble on your hands and feet, it is important to train them early on not to do this so that you prevent … Read more

Best Dog Food for Bernedoodles

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How To Soften My Dry Dog Food?

We will discuss how to soften my dry dog food. Several reasons your dog may need to eat softened dog food. Your dog may be taking on their years. A senior dog has probably lost many teeth and will have difficulty chewing dry dog food. Melting can also be helpful for a dog who eats … Read more